And the winner is ... Never A Hero

Well if you haven't heard yet through out Facebook page, the votes have been counted and verified and we can announce that the winner of Bandcrusade 2012 is Never a Hero.

The alternative metal band were formed in 2009 and have a strong and unique sound. Their nominated track Burning Skies will be the one that goes forward for our push to get an unsigned band to this years Christmas number one. Stay tuned for more information on its imminent release and how you can help people recognise the amount of unsigned bands out there with real, raw talent.


Posted 1 year 4 months Ago


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Ben Allen
Just to sort out any confusion - they have a distribution deal only. They are not signed. I know as I work with the band.

C Adair
Yep signed by US Label Cinderella Records Dec 2011

dave gribbon
Yeah me too

S Wood
Just read that Never a hero are a signed band ?